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XPatFUNDS was established by a blend of core finance professional and successful entrepreneurs, with a vision of creating an easily accessible pool of funds, to drive investment, economic growth and development across Africa.

It seeks to provide the necessary linkage between the savings surplus units and savings deficit units, as well as pursue diverse investments in selected key sectors of the economy. Xpatfunds aims at bridging the gap, created by the inefficiencies of the existing financial intermediaries to adequately address/meet the financial and investment need of Africans and Nigerians in particular.

The Institution was conceptualized based on the recognition that access to finance offers a limitless opportunity for economic/social transformation. Xpatfunds is a paradigm shift from the conventional financial institution model and its complex structure. Aside being a registered Investment and financial services company, Xpatfunds further adopts the co-operative financing model. This enables it function as a non-bank financial institution (NBFI), through its Finance and Investment co-operative Society, which runs on the cooperative financial institution (CFI) framework.

After so many years as key players in various sectors of the economy, a team of business development officers, renown bankers, entrepreneurs’ and economists, came together to chart a way to effectively address the financial/Investment challenge of the 21st century Africa, with a view to creating an effective and robust platform to generate funds, for willing and credible investors to stimulate and drive investment across our Nation. Our Investment interest spans through real estate development, agriculture, transportation, oil and gas, power supply, manufacturing etc.

In doing this Xpatfunds recognizes the role of the micro, small and medium enterprises in economic development. A sub-sector, with potential and capacity to transform our economy, but has been characterized by huge financing gap needed to drive and facilitate it’s growth, hence Xpatfunds often gives a unique attention to businesses that fall within this category.

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